Best Lucid Dreaming Threads on Reddit

A comprehensive list of the best lucid dreaming threads found on Reddit.

  • Published: 2020-11-07
  • Updated: 2020-11-17
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  1. Lucid Dreaming Beginner Threads
  2. Dream Recall and Dream Journaling
  3. Threads on Lucid Dreaming Techniques
  4. Dream Control and Stabilization Threads
  5. Lucid Dreaming “Ask Me Anything” Threads
  6. Interesting Lucid Dreaming Experiences
  7. Lucid Dreaming Supplements and Herbs
  8. Miscellaneous Lucid Dreaming Threads

Lucid Dreaming Beginner Threads

The 6 Fundamentals of Lucid Dreaming (decentstartingnow)
Stuff they don’t tell you at the beginning (hujhujowy)
Progressive Guide to Lucid Dreaming (Ian A. Wilson)
How to become a Lucid Master in 60 days or less (Mistermistery101)
The Idiot’s Starter Guide to Lucid Dreaming (allswal)
An in-depth lucid dreaming guide (Linksysruler)
[Tips] How I Learned to Lucid Dream (MetacognizantPastry)
How to avoid getting discouraged in the beginning and ultimately guarantee proficiency in Lucid Dreaming (Lunar_Melody)
Sustainable Plan for Beginners – How to Stay the Course (Lunar_Melody)

Dream Recall and Dream Journaling

Dream Recall Guide – Read This to Ensure You’ll Remember at Least One Dream Per Night (Lunar_Melody)
Dream journaling and dream mapping (Bradley-Blya)
Dreamscape Walkthrough, A System of Recall (johnnyhavok2)
Mei’s Dream Journaling Advice (LucidMei)

Threads on Lucid Dreaming Techniques

My personal method of becoming lucid (Harionago)
The Setting Check, or Reverse Reality Check Method of Lucidity (johnnyhavok2)
To the Redditors who can lucid dream, what techniques do you use to go into a lucid dream? (bigbeno98)
How to Master the MILD Induction Method to Guarantee Consistent Lucid Dreams (Lunar_Melody)
How to WBTB (dmb9374)
The Correct Way to Perform Reality Checks to Improve Odds of Lucid Dreaming (Lunar_Melody)
The very basic things you need to become lucid: the hand technique (Bradley-Blya)
Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT) Lucid Dreaming Technique
My personal WILD technique that never fails me (keoske)

Dream Control and Stabilization Threads

Beginners: How to stabilize dreams, the easiest way! (Anonymous)
Loss of Control: Why it happens and what to do about it. (johnnyhavok2)
How to stabilize your lucid dreams – a guide (Edgelady42069)
*Stabilizing a Lucid Dream* Very useful tip! (pissgoblin)

Lucid Dreaming “Ask Me Anything” Threads

I am a Lucid Dream Researcher – Ask me anything! (EssexResearcher)
AMA – With Ian Wilson who has explored lucid dreaming for 3 decades (Ian A. Wilson)
Lucid Dreaming AMA with Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid Dreaming Gateway to the Inner Self (Robert Waggoner)
I have been lucid dreaming every night since I was a kid AMA
I am extremely good at lucid dreaming and would love to share my experiences
I’ve been Lucid Dreaming for 23 years – AMA
Hey! After doing some searching, I’m apparently what you guys call a “Natural Lucid Dreamer”. Perhaps I can help? (johnnyhavok2)
I am GizEdwards. A Lucid Dreaming ‘guru’ from YouTube, AMA
I’ve been lucid dreaming for 20 years. AMA
IAMA experienced lucid dreamer and am very knowledgeable on the subject. AMA
I’m natural lucid dreamer for 30+ years. AMA!
I am someone who taught myself how to have lucid dreams (control my dreams). AMA
Ask Me Anything forum with Craig Sim Webb, dream author/researcher/inventor/artist for over 2 decades
We are the authors of ‘The Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming’ here to take all your questions about dreaming. Ask Us Anything.
IAmA person who has mastered the art of lucid dreaming. AMA
IAMA guy that has lucid dreams almost every night
IAmA very good lucid dreamer who has managed to lucid dream every night for years
I am an experienced lucid dreamer. AMA
IAmA natural lucid dreamer of 10 years AMA
IAmA regular lucid dreamer, AMA

Interesting Lucid Dreaming Experiences

I’m feeling kinda shaky. I just woke up from another life. (SgtSkitman)
What is the most intense lucid dream experience you’ve ever had? (p3ndulum)
Stuck in Lucid Dream for Weeks (pickledbeefwastaken)
Dreamed I took 64 hits of LSD which made the dream reality check very hard (Ian A. Wilson)
Met my younger self while lucid dreaming (_anastasia____)

Lucid Dreaming Supplements and Herbs

5-HTP supplement for lucid dreaming (Is it the best?) (howtolucidofficial)
First Time On Galantamine (Resident_Sleepr)

Miscellaneous Lucid Dreaming Threads

Becoming a Master (InfiniteCrimson)
[Part 1/3] I was asked to write an in depth explanation of how I train my imagination. (johnnyhavok2)
[Part 2/3] My Methods: Utilizing the *Fall Deep* Stage (Hypnagogia) (johnnyhavok2)
[Part 3/3] My Methods: Dreamscape Walkthrough, a system of Recall (johnnyhavok2)
Working With Your Subconscious to Lucid Dream (Mistermistery101)
A collection of random tips/tricks/suggestions I’ve learned during my 7+ years of lucid dreaming (kaeraz)
Persistent Realms (_Hormoz_)
My Beliefs on Lucid Dreaming Successfully with MILD and WILD (and How I Learned to Lucid Dream) in Conjunction with Meditation (Lunar_Melody)
Meditation for Lucid Dreaming: How it can help you have more and better lucid dreams (SirIssacMath)
Become a “Natural” Lucid Dreamer (allismind)
READ THIS if you are in a dry spell, want to learn LD, or Increase frequency of LD. (Redferno)
The Unified Dream Theory; Research and Theories from a Lifetime of Lucidity (johnnyhavok2)
I am a very experienced life-long lucid dreamer and thought I’d offer some advice if any of you have any questions. (DiscoRace)

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