A collection of useful personal development, productivity, self education and learning resources. If the category has more than 20 links, then it’ll have a separate page where the complete list of resources will be kept.

Books, Audiobooks

ThriftBooks buy cheap new & used books online. (free shipping on US orders over $10)
Project Gutenberg a library of over 60,000 free ebooks.
LibriVox free public domain audio books.
Open Library
Internet Archive an archive of content including ebooks.
Online Books Page listing over 3 million free books on the Web.
PDF Drive search and download PDF files for free.
epubBooks download free kindle & ePub eBooks.
Internet Sacred Text Archive the largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet.
Loyal Books Free Public Domain Audiobooks & eBook Downloads
OverDrive enjoy ebooks and audio books for free through your public library or school.

Google Books search the world’s most comprehensive index of full-text books.
Extra Tip: use this google search query to find books: filetype:pdf "name of book". For example: filetype:pdf "thus spoke zarathustra".

Book Notes, Summaries

The Mind Map Guy Ethan Schwandt creates and shares his in-depth book summaries using mind maps. hundreds of books that were condensed into short, bite sized, summaries.
Derek Sivers – Books I’ve read detailed notes from over 250+ books.

Applications, Software

Anki powerful, intelligent flashcards.
Vim a highly configurable text editor for efficiently creating and changing any kind of text.
Pocket save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app.
Alfred productivity app for macOS.
BetterTouchTool allows you to customize various input devices on your Mac
f.lux makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day.
Distraction Free YouTube Plugin (Chrome and Firefox)
AWW App a collaborative online whiteboard.
Trello kanban-style list-making application.

Research Papers

Google Scholar a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.
ScienceDirect explore scientific, technical, and medical research. a free search engine accessing primarily the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.
Research Gate
Sci-Hub a website that provides free access to millions of research papers and books.
SAGE Journals your gateway to world-class research journals.
Frontiers peer reviewed articles, open access journals.
Oxford Academic Journals

Education, Autodidacticism

CosmoLearning free educational website for students and teachers.
Wikiversity a Wikimedia Foundation project that supports learning communities, their learning materials, and resulting activities.
MIT OpenCourseWare free online MIT course materials.
Khan Academy free online courses, lessons & practice. free online courses by Harvard, MIT, & more
Learn Anything
Basic Knowledge 101 website for learning the basics of almost everything

Cognitive Enhancement

Anthony Metivier memory training.
Ron White Memory Expert memory training & brain training.
r/CognitiveEnhancement cognitive enhancement subreddit
Memory Techniques Wiki

Speed Reading

Spreeder speed reading app.
Hopify online speed reading program.

Shorthand Writing

r/shorthand shorthand community on Reddit.
Pitman Shorthand
Gregg Shorthand
Teeline Shorthand
Forkner Shorthand

Language Acquisition

How to Acquire any language NOT learn it! Jeff Brown is a full-time language instructor and polyglot who guarantees anyone can acquire any language in one year.
r/languagelearning subreddit dedicated to learning languages.
Luca Lampariello’s Blog
Steve Kaufmann’s Blog

Lucid Dreaming

Complete Resource List: Lucid Dreaming

WikiBooks Lucid Dreaming
Dream Views lucid dreaming forum
LD4all the lucid dreamers community
r/LucidDreaming lucid dreaming subreddit
r/Oneironauts a community for lucid dreamers
Oneironauts Discord Server

Polyphasic Sleeping

r/polyphasic polyphasic sleeping subreddit
Napchart polyphasic sleep planner


Braintropic complete guide to nootropics
Nootropics Expert

Diet, Nutrition

Nutrition Value find nutritional values for common foods and products.

Fasting, Intermittent Fasting

r/fasting fasting subreddit
r/intermittentfasting intermittent fasting subreddit
r/omad omad subreddit


VAHVA Fitness functional movement exercise.
FitnessFAQs calisthenics youtube channel.


Biohackers Lab

Miscellaneous Blogs, Websites

Win Wenger Project Renaissance
The Emotion Machine psychology + self improvement in the 21st century.
Steve Pavlina Blog Personal Development for Smart People
Seth Godin’s Blog on marketing, tribes and respect.
Dave Asprey Blog
Mind Tools
James Clear

Miscellaneous Podcasts

Huberman Lab Podcast science and science based tools for everyday life.
The School of Greatness
The Joe Rogan Experience
Jocko Podcast
The Tim Ferriss Show


Rational Wiki
Impact Theory
Elliott Hulse
What I’ve Learned
Better Than Yesterday
r/todayilearned learn something interesting everyday.
r/explainlikeimfive best archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations.
Talks at Google
Mindvalley Talks