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Stuff they don’t tell you at the beginning (hujhujowy)
Common Mistakes That Prevent People From Getting Lucid (Mancon)
Essentials to Having a Lucid Dream (dolphin)
Something Every Newbie Should Read IMO (fogelbise)
How to become a Lucid Master in 60 days or less (Mistermistery101)
When I First Started Lucid Dreaming, I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me (Sensei)
A Progressive Guide to Lucid Dreaming. (Ian A. Wilson)
How to Effectively Use Techniques (Sensei)
Before you attempt lucid dreaming know this (Jksukino)
An in-depth lucid dreaming guide taken from another forum (Linksysruler)


Cultivating focus and the right mindset for Lucid Dreaming (Memm)
How to take the pressure off lucid dreaming (Moto)
Intent in Lucid Dreaming; Break that Dry-Spell, Escape the Technique Rut (Ctharlhie)
I am a Lucid Dreamer: Commanding the Subconscious Mind (BenDrummin58)
Working With Your Subconscious to Lucid Dream (Mistermistery101)
Becoming a Master (InfiniteCrimson)

Dream Recall, Dream Journaling

Dream Recall Compendium (StaySharp)
MMR (Mental Map Recall) – A whole new way of Recalling and Journaling your dreams (Zoth)
Mei’s Dream Journaling Advice (LucidMei)
Dream journaling and dream mapping (Bradley-Blya)
Memory: the Forgotten Fundamental (Sageous)
How to effectively Dream Journal (Sensei)
Dreamscape Walkthrough, A System of Recall (johnnyhavok2)
StaySharps dream recall guide: Tag-book method (StaySharp)
Tag Book Method (Sensei)
The Dream Recall Compendium (StaySharp)
FryingMan’s Dream Recall Tips (FryingMan)

Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Reality Checking

The Correct Way to Perform Reality Checks to Improve Odds of Lucid Dreaming (Lunar_Melody)
Reality Checks – RCs (gab)
The Epiglottis Lucid Dreaming Reality Check (
The Setting Check, or Reverse Reality Check Method of Lucidity (johnnyhavok2)
The very basic things you need to become lucid: the hand technique (Bradley-Blya)
Finding Your Hands – LD Induction Technique (Waggoner/Casteneda) (1mjtaylor)
Gravity RC and recall (Hukif)


How to Master the MILD Induction Method to Guarantee Consistent Lucid Dreams (Lunar_Melody)
Naiya’s Simple MILD Technique (Naiya)
MILD – Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (Zoth)
Trying out MILD? This is how you become skilled at it (Zoth)


An Hour of Wakefulness Before Morning Naps Makes Lucidity More Likely (Stephen LaBerge, Leslie Phillips, & Lynne Levitan)


As a person who has had hundreds of WILDs, here is what I know (InfiniteCrimson)
KingYoshi’s Complete WILDing Guide – All my techniques & secrets revealed  (KingYoshi)
What happened? Post Your WILD Attempts, Good or Bad, Here (Sageous)


Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream Tutorial (Zoth)
Chaining (DEILD) Guide and FAQ (wolvendeer)


Mindfulness – An Alternative Approach to ADA (Ctharlhie)
All Day Awareness, A DILD Tutorial (KingYoshi)


How to Effectively Use Techniques (Sensei)
Naiya’s DILD & WILD Secrets (Naiya)

Dream Control and Stabilization

It’s a dream! What now? – Noob guide to dream control (gorat)
Dream Stabilization & Clarity Tutorial (nina)
A Unifying Theory of Dream Control (BillyBob)
Techniques for Longer Lucid Dreams (Robert Waggoner)
Prolonging Lucid Dreams (Sandra)
How to prolong LD? (niksa)
The BIG “How to stay lucid” Topic Part II (Lucidity_Master)
My Tutorial for extending Lucid Dream Time. Hours of LD. (atkins513)
How to Effectively Control Your Dreams (Sensei)
Dream Control, Active Vs Passive (Lesson 1) (Sensei)
Dream Control, Long Haul (Lesson 2) (Sensei)
Prolonging Lucid Dreams (Stephen LaBerge)
Dream Control Tutorial (melanieb)
The Nature of Dream Control (The Cusp)

Lucid Dreaming Supplements and Herbs
Things to do in the Dream

Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Physical Skills, Scientists Say (Carla Clark, PhD)
Improve sports skills in your lucid dreams (Clare Johnson, PhD)
Practicing in Dreams Can Improve Your Performance (Daniel Erlacher)
1,000 things to do in a lucid dream! (moongrass)

Natural Lucid Dreamers

My life as a Lucid Dreamer (DeusMortus)
After doing some searching, I’m apparently what you guys call a “Natural Lucid Dreamer”. (johnnyhavok2)
I just found out that lucid dreaming everyday is considered to be rare (bun_skittles)
Just learned this sub existed and I would love to share my experiences with you guys. (johnnyhavok2)


Lucid Dreaming Research 1 – Time Required for Motor Activity in Lucid Dreams (
Lucid Dreaming Research 2 – Lucid Dreaming as a Learnable Skill: A Case Study (
A collection of random tips/tricks/suggestions I’ve learned during my 7+ years of lucid dreaming (kaeraz)
Sensei’s Ideas, Thoughts, and Ramblings (Sensei)
AMA – With Ian Wilson who has explored lucid dreaming for 3 decades (Ian A. Wilson)
Sensei’s Secrets (Sensei)
The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers (Robert Waggoner)
What is most important? (Sensei)
Leave Your Body in 3 Days Seminar 1 (Michael Raduga)
Leave Your Body in 3 Days Seminar 2 (Michael Raduga)
Leave Your Body in 3 Days Seminar 3 (Michael Raduga)
Thanks For All The Fish (Sensei)
Lucid Dreaming Fundamentals With Q & A (Sageous)
Unified Theory of Lucid Dreaming: Pay Attention, Reflect, Recall — Both Day and Night (FryingMan)
The Complete Collection: My completive guide to Lucid Dreaming like a King! (KingYoshi)
Become a “Natural” Lucid Dreamer (allismind)
Jennifer Dumpert: Liminal Dreaming (Jennifer Dumpert)
Meditation for Lucid Dreaming: How it can help you have more and better lucid dreams (SirIssacMath)

Websites, Forums, Video Channels

Forums, Chatrooms

Dream Views Forum
LD4All Forum
Mortal Mist Forum
Oneironauts Discord Server

Websites, Blogs

Lucid Dreaming Wikibooks
Fandom LucidWiki
Lucid Dreaming Experience – A Magazine For Lucid Dreamers
The Lucidity Institute
Phase Research Center
Lucid Advice – Robert Waggoner: Author, Speaker, Lucid Dreamer
Be Lucid Now – Lucid Dreaming Exploration and Discovery
Lucid Ability Blog
Dream Studies Portal – Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness Research
Lucid Dream Society
How To Lucid – Lucid Dreaming, Consciousness, and Sleep Tutorials
World of Lucid Dreaming

Video Channels

Team Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream Portal
Giz Edwards
Michael Raduga – Project Elijah
Beyond Lucid Dreaming
Stephen Berlin’s Lucid Dream Discourses


Lucid Sage Podcast
Dreamviews Podcast
Is This a Dream

Lucid Dreaming Books

Stephen LaBerge, Howard Rheingold – Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming
Marc VanDeKeere – The Ultimate Lucid Dreamer’s Manual, From Basics to Beyond
Robert Waggoner – Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self
Thomas Yuschak – Advanced Lucid Dreaming, The Power of Supplements
Hervey de Saint-Denys – Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them

Related Research

Pre-sleep treatment with galantamine stimulates lucid dreaming
Melatonin in Patients with Reduced REM Sleep Duration
Psychopharmacologic analysis of an alleged oneirogenic plant: Calea zacatechichi
Time Required for Motor Activity in Lucid Dreams
Time for actions in lucid dreams: effects of task modality, length, and complexity
Portable Devices to Induce Lucid Dreams—Are They Reliable?
Induction of lucid dreams: a systematic review of evidence